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PVC Blinds

Protect your home or business from the elements with Aussie Outdoor PVC blinds. These can be used all year round to...more details

Aussie Shade

Our Aussie Shade blinds are ideal for patios and outdoor areas that are affected by the sun. Manufactured to the...more details
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All Seasons

Aussie Outdoor All Seasons blinds are custom built from heavy duty marine grade material to withstand Australia’s...more details
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Thermal Window Shade

Block out unwanted heat in summer and keep the heat in during winter with Aussie Outdoor’s Thermal Window...more details

FR50 Patio Insulation

Create a comfortable outdoor area that stays comfortable all year round, with Aussie Outdoor’s Decorative Patio...more details

Looks Great, Feels Wonderful

Aussie Outdoor is Australia’s leading manufacturer and installer of Alfresco and Café Blinds, Window Shades and Patio Roofing Insulation, with 14 outlets across the country.

Create an outdoor room and enjoy alfresco living all year round!

Why Choose Aussie Outdoor?

  • Aussie Outdoor blinds are rated to 50-knots – the highest rating of any blind on the market.
  • Aussie Outdoor’s patented lock/jaw system ensures our blinds are kept taut, so there’s no annoying ‘flapping’ noise in strong winds.
  • Aussie Outdoor blinds are manufactured from heavy duty marine grade material to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions.
  • Aussie Outdoor blinds are backed with a 3-Year Warranty (up to 50 knots).
  • Aussie Outdoor employs professionally trained installation staff (no contractors).

Experience the Aussie Outdoor difference. Contact us for an obligation free appraisal on 1300 131 289.

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